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Association / Membership Organizations

NetReach has worked with member organizations and associations for many years. We understand the unique challenges in serving a membership-based organization; including recruitment and retention, information dissemination, providing education and certification, as well as housekeeping activities such as dues collection, benefits management, roles and responsibilities, and governance. These activities can be efficiently supported and developed by providing a web-based platform for member management, knowledge sharing, and participation. Platforms built for our membership-based clients have provided tremendous value to each organization by empowering their members to be more productive, engage in collaborative activities, and make better and more informed decisions. Members' satisfaction with the organization has improved.

In Practice

The following projects (described below) are examples of our work.

Forum of Executive Woman (FOEW)

Forum of Executive Woman, Philadelphia Chapter

NetReach worked with an outside design firm to deliver the technology platform to support a robust, membership portal for the Philadelphia Chapter of FOEW, including:

  • Member-only message boards to support networking, job opportunities, career development, and philanthropic opportunities.
  • Member-only membership directory, including advanced search features and alphabetical display options.
  • Calendering system for events that includes browse by audience types or event types and export to Outlook and other personal calendars.
  • Extranet to support document management, information sharing, and dissemination, solicit feedback for the six working volunteer committees.

FOEW website

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Philadelphia Chapter of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW)

Commercial Real Estate Women, Philadelphia Chapter

The site is over five years old and is still working well to support this organization's diverse membership base. The website and its functions are very similar to the one built for FOEW.

As this website's initial year one cost has now been amortized over 5+ years, with very little additional capital invested, the organization has realized a significant return on their Web technology expenditure. Prior to this, they maintained a web presence through the association's national headquarters and its staff, which charged them a monthly fee for the service. With that arrangement, they did not enjoy advanced functionality or have the ability to create the depth of information they do currently.

This website is maintained by volunteers from the organization. Each year, a different set of members volunteers to join the "Website Committee" and help maintain the site. Training is conducted by the members themselves.

Read CREW Press Release

CREW website

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International Union of Operating Engineers Local 542 (IUOE 542)

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 542

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) maintains two websites: one combines the Corporate and the Training and Apprenticeship websites and the other is for Union Benefits. Each site has a different emphasis, but all of the sites feature information dissemination, news archives, calenders (Training and Course Schedules), document repositories, and photo albums. The Benefit Funds website also allows members to log-in and manage and track their monthly benefits.

IUOE 542 website

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Parkway Museums District

Parkway Museums District website

The Parkway Council Foundation is a non-profit member organization that is dedicated to ensuring that the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, PA realizes its potential as a truly unique cultural destination.

The new website promotes the Parkway as a whole, while serving as a showcase for all of its members. Designed to allow visitors to access content in various ways; by self-identification (i.e., Adults, Families & Kids, Students, etc.), by member organization, or through other tools like maps or event listings. The website is meant to serve as a quick information resource or as a springboard into a member's own website.

Special features include:

  • The Google maps' Application Programming Interface (API) was used to create a filterable interactive map.
  • Each of the members has a page specific log-in to allow them to edit their content. The content is structured for consistent display across the member pages, but remains flexible enough to accommodate the diverse member organizations' information.
    • Content is single-sourced from the members' editable pages and reused in various places.
  • Outside data feeds keep content up-to-date while eliminating duplicate effort for the Parkway Council's staff members.

Parkway Museums District website

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Certified Public Health Professional Credential

Certified Public Health Practitioner

Professionals who work in the complex field of public health need to remain up-to-date with issues, techniques, and strategies to cope with the evolving challenges facing them everyday. In 2008, the National Board of Public Health Examiners first offered the Certified in Public Health (CPH) exam to provide graduates of accredited schools and programs of public health this credential.

The Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH), recruited NetReach to provide an XML-driven Flash-based quiz that could be offered as pre-exam study materials to prospective graduates.

  • All answers were multiple choice, but question formats were different, including simple fill-in the blank and detailed scenario reviews. The XML was structured to allow ASPH staff to update the questions and answers and to choose from several different types of formats.
  • Quiz was timed.
  • Quiz taker was allowed to review his/her answers before final submission.
  • Results were returned immediately.

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