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NetReach Publishes Eight-Point Website Design Checklist


AMBLER, PA – October 15, 2013 – NetReach Publishes Eight-Point Website Design Checklist

Website and web application provider shares best practices to consider when planning a new or revised website project

Ambler, PA / October 15, 2013 / NetReach, a provider of complex, data-driven web solutions, today announced the availability of its Web Design Checklist—a resource that derived from two decades of experience collaborating with corporate and nonprofit users, information technology (IT) consultancies, and marketing agencies.

Whether starting a full-featured website or custom web application, or integrating mobility, defining key elements up front can pay dividends in guiding the appropriate execution, tools, or methodologies for the task, and in minimizing unnecessary revisions—regardless of the technical approach to the project.

This insightful Web Design Checklist details how to:

  1. Communicate big picture needs to your website developer
  2. Establish benchmarks of success
  3. Outline the right approach for intended audience reaction
  4. Define the desired end-user experience
  5. Establish the website’s look-and-feel
  6. Manage expectations for website content
  7. Identify structural requirements to guide optimal execution
  8. Prepare your website for maximum exposure and success

“Our eight-point Checklist combines a full spectrum of technical expertise and business experience to ensure successful outcomes for our clients,” explains Stephen Bouikidis, Executive Vice President at NetReach. “These strategic guidelines offer an opportunity to unite web managers, developers, and business stakeholders.”