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NetReach Releases White Paper on Legacy Application Modernization


AMBLER, PA – September 17, 2013 – NetReach Releases White Paper on Legacy Application Modernization

New perspective helps maintain continuity, growth, and profitability of your business on legacy software applications

Ambler, PA / September 17, 2013 / NetReach, a provider of complex, data-driven web solutions, released a white paper entitled “Legacy Application Modernization: Risk vs. Reward.” The white paper explores key aspects to assessing your legacy application technology and strategies for upgrading such applications.

Many business applications still in use today are comprised of millions of lines of code that were written more than twenty years ago and yet many organizations continue to rely upon these ticking time-bombs using various forms of information technology (IT) life support—emulators, code wrappers, virtualization.

Fear of the unknown—or simply a lack of awareness—keeps many people in the dark when it comes to reviewing their legacy applications, but this white paper sheds light on the issue. Learn key warning signs of impending legacy application downfalls and a five-step methodology for evaluating and improving your position.

“Modernizing applications successfully requires a shared vision and commitment among stakeholders in business and IT,” said Stephen Bouikidis, Executive Vice President at NetReach. “These are complex decisions that necessitate collaboration—not just ‘one time’, but as part of an on-going process of application life-cycle management.”

Download the free White Paper “Legacy Application Modernization: Risk vs. Reward.”