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NetReach Introduces Mobility Services to Enhance Web Application Development


AMBLER, PA – January 16, 2014 – NetReach Introduces Mobility Services to Enhance Web Application Development

Ambler, PA / January 16, 2014 / NetReach, a provider of complex, data-driven web solutions, today announced the expansion of its web application and full-featured website capabilities with integrated Mobility Services for the following applications:

  • Portable Business Applications & eCommerce: NetReach mobile delivery solutions and eCommerce functionality offer employees and customers faster access to valuable tools for efficiency and responsiveness that are key to portable business process applications and driving sales. They also enable more positive user experiences for compact mobile-device screens.
  • Mobility for Lead Generation: The NetReach toolset is HTML5-compatible and mobile-friendly right out of the box, and can be enhanced at any time to deliver highly tailored user experiences that drive leads and support business goals. For mobile-specific needs and responsive web design—where formatting changes based on the size of the device display—NetReach provides a comprehensive solution.
  • Online Sales Support: NetReach’s versatile relational database capabilities help sales representatives assemble and maintain collections of timely sales aids and evidence-based reports, and supplement them with notes and highlights. This is critical for deploying mobile solutions that work with ever-changing requirements in the new age of “bring your own device (BYOD)” environments.

“Since mobility has become a part of our daily lives, enterprises are adopting it at a faster pace to transform the way business operations can work cost-effectively,” explains Stephen Bouikidis, Executive Vice President at NetReach. “The added benefits include increased productivity, improved decision making, and enhanced customer engagement.”

Learn more about NetReach’s integrated Mobility Services.

NetReach also delivers web-based solutions such as Custom Time & Billing Systems, Issue Tracking/Help Desk Systems, Patient Information Databases, Project Management and Tracking Systems, Automated Education Systems, Information Clearinghouses, Online Fundraising, Membership Organization Portals, and Intranet and SharePoint Integrations.