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Executive Brief Request

Benefit from the experience of people who have virtually “seen it all” when it comes to implementing and upgrading Web applications and websites. Request this insightful white paper that will provide a valuable perspective—regardless of which approach you ultimately choose.

Build or Buy? Which Software Solution is Right for You—Custom, Off-The-Shelf, or Hybrid?Build or Buy? Which Software Solution is Right for You—Custom, Off-The-Shelf, or Hybrid?

The old IT adage (“Buy to standardize, build to compete”) suggests that you buy a solution when it addresses a commodity business process (CRM, for example) and build an application for very distinct core business requirements or for competitive advantage. Unfortunately, real world experiences are not always so cut-and-dried in terms of a clear either/or decision. Making your most productive decision requires balancing all business needs and opportunities against the total costs and impacts of development, implementation and support/maintenance. This executive brief will explain how to achieve that balance.

Legacy Application Modernization: Risk vs. Reward WhitepaperLegacy Application Modernization: Risk vs. Reward

Don’t risk the continuity, growth, or profitability of your business on legacy software applications that could collapse at any time. Fear of the unknown—or simply a lack of awareness—keeps many people in the dark when it comes to reviewing their legacy applications, but this executive brief will help you see the light. Learn key warning signs of impending legacy application downfalls, and a five-step methodology for evaluating your position then turning it around for the better.