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Pediatric Therapeutic Services

Case Study: Custom Time and Billing System Strengthens Control for Therapy Provider

NetReach web-application cures concerns over accuracy and the ability to adapt


When Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) requested a remedy for ongoing problems with their off-the-shelf time and billing system, they expressed multiple concerns. A clumsy user interface, data entry mistakes, excessive monthly costs, and long lead-times for implementing the simplest custom-code requests were literally wasting time and money.

PTS envisioned a custom web-based application running on iPads and desktop computers to streamline timekeeping and caseload tracking for hundreds of therapists serving thousands of students across dozens of school systems. Goals included a more intuitive interface, consistent data entry, better validation, and fewer errors that demand administrative oversight.


NetReach worked closely with the company’s IT consultant to develop an initial specification, then used the versatile NetReach toolset to react quickly to new requests uncovered during design, implementation, data migration, testing and launch stages. Built-in safeguards ensured more consistent data entry via dropdown menus and provided protections against duplicate student entries. A clean interface provided an easy way for therapists and administrators to track and review all of a student’s therapies in one complete record.

Additional features included the ability to satisfy state-mandated reporting requirements and track weekly entries for all of a therapist’s students, by school, with extensive monthly reviews. Validation rules for entering explanatory notes on the amount and type of time spent were strictly enforced. Automatic indications of daily overages on both the timesheet and review sheet simplified administrative oversight. Discrete permission levels provided an easy way for administrators to communicate privately with therapists and supervisors.


Beyond the improvements in data accuracy, controls over QuickBooks-invoicing ensure that billing is done only after therapists have approved timesheets. SQL Server Reporting Services provide new ways to utilize available data and produce reports through a web interface. An extended benefit for future enhancements is the ability for PTS to make back-end changes quickly and simply, by updating fields and dropdown menu options without needing to request special programming changes.