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NetReach Clients Speak Out!

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    Internet Marketing Manager from Reliance Standard Life Insurance, a leading employee benefits carrier

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    Research Associate from Research for Better Schools, a nonprofit education organization

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    Interactive Director from Holton Sentivan & Gury, a Philadelphia-based advertising agency

  • “If you got any more responsive, you’d complete my requests before I asked for them. Working with you is simply amazing!”

    Gayle Dietrich, VP Product Marketing
    Firstrust Bank

  • “I wanted to thank each of you for making these upgrades and changes a ‘day at the beach’ for me. If everyone I worked with worked like the NetReach team, work wouldn’t be work it would be a vacation. Thanks again!”

    Frank DiGiandomenico
    Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.

  • “Thank you so much for your work and that of NetReach on the new website of the School of Public Health (SPH). I have had a look at it, and must add my compliments, to those of the SPH alumni and current students. It is well organized, eye catching, and the information is easily accessible. I know that Dean Gold is very pleased.”

    Constantine Papadakis, Ph.D., President
    Drexel University

  • “You are ALL AMAZING!!! I couldn’t ask for a better team. I thank you all for making this happen so quickly. Thank you, Nancy and Stephen for another successful launch – you are building quite the track record! Can’t wait to get this going. Happy new year!”

    Carol Trinca-Bautista, Marketing Director, U.S. & Puerto Rico
    Berlitz Languages, Inc.

  • “Thank you for your fantastic work on the website. As Jonathan indicated, there is significant interest and enthusiasm in the field around this website and folks are already very much impressed!”

    Nadia J. Siddiqui, MPH, Health Policy Analyst
    National Resource Center on Advancing Emergency Preparedness for Culturally Diverse Communities

  • “The EARLI website looks great, and it’s been wonderful working with NetReach (although you may not feel the same, given our numerous requests and changes). Thank you!”

    Nora L. Lee, Sr. Project Coordinator
    EARLI Study: Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation

  • “Congrats to you all, too. It was fun working with you on this, and we’re very excited about how it’s turned out. And from the perspective of having to deal with several other tech contractors for this conference, let me say that your team gets the highest marks for professionalism and responsiveness. Many thanks!”

    Julia Puebla Fortier, Director
    Resources for Cross Cultural Health Care

  •  “Thank you, Stephen and NetReach! Yes it is very exciting to be live! We enjoyed working with you on designing a more professional website for RFB&D. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! We look forward to the training next week. Best regards.”

    Cindy Cortina, Director of Marketing
    Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic

  • “The job that NetReach did, with help from Devine & Powers, has been wonderful. Thank you to all.”

    Christopher A. Ruggiero, Assistant General Counsel
    Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.

  •  “I’ve been getting great feedback on the site. I’m so excited to have it up and running, and thankful for all of your hard work and creativity!”

    Judi Rogers, Executive Director
    Parkway Council Foundation

  • “A few words to describe how I feel about today: awesome, great news, good job, sweet, schwing, killer, dude, happy, excited, elated, ecstatic, relieved, rock on, solid, overjoyed, delighted, hot diggity, yeah yeah, whazzzzzzzz up, go team!!! A HUGE thanks to everyone involved [on the new website]!”

    Carl R. Rio, Jr., Director of Information Technology
    PRN Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals

  • “The Learning Through Listening website was created to support and build the skills of K-12 educators so they will be even more successful in teaching students with different learning styles. This new website will provide greater access to helpful educational materials developed by and for educators.”

    John Kelly, President & CEO
    Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic

  • “Agreed. This was a great project with excellent teamwork… and the site looks great! Thanks to everyone.”

    Walter C DeSouza, Chief Information Officer
    Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.

  • “The families LOVE this! [Pictures in the database] We are taking the patient and their primary caregiver… since we talk with them as much as the patient. You should see all the smiling going on in clinic today!”

    Susan Walsh, RN, ACNS-BC, Regional Nurse Coordinator
    Greater Philadelphia Chapter ALS Association

  • “OK, after many distractions, delays, and experimentation, my tech team has decided that the open source tool [DotNetNuke] is going to be a pain to get the Arris design into. So, given I'd still like it in a CMS, is your offer of a license for cmScribe still open? At this point, I just want the site up!”

    Sheryl Namoglu, Executive Vice President
    Arris Systems Inc.

  • “After struggling with JOOMLA, our staff is easily learning to use cmScribe. It is intuitive. We can update and add to our site easily! Thank you, NetReach!”

    Margot Bradley, Farm Coordinator
    Pennypack Farm and Education Center

  •  “I routinely spend 15 minutes to a half hour each week updating the website. This mostly relates to the Sunday items which change weekly. Four others in the house, Tim, Susan, Don, and Anne, probably spend 1-2 hours a month, Sept. to May, uploading photos, sermons, etc. And, yes, there is MUCH going on around here and we love to keep the website current. Thanks for building it!”

    Cecilia Wagner, Coordinator
    Christ Church Philadelphia