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Accelerate Custom Web Application Development for Business Processes

When it comes to business process automation and workflow, we let you focus on your business needs by focusing our efforts on web technology that can deliver better business ROI. That’s why we developed our NetReach toolset in the first place, and why we take the time to understand your business operations before we recommend an automation solution.

Do you need to...

  • collaborate with customers and/or suppliers in a secure web-based environment?
  • provide mobile accessibility to business process data?
  • improve sales or marketing data management and analysis for better priority setting, and feed that data to other systems?
  • integrate data or upgrade outcomes from existing internal or external data sources—such as Salesforce integration—including systems that are not easily modified?

NetReach has already done all of that, and more, for organizations like yours.

Our toolset for custom web application development has the technical sophistication and power of a relational database to support complex business processes. It gives you greater freedom to automate your business processes—without the costly impact of custom code programming, and without limiting your options like many packaged software solutions. We use it to help you:

  • Satisfy complex, data-driven business needs quickly and flexibly.
  • Avoid getting lost in the corporate IT development queue.
  • Maintain greater freedom over initial implementation and functionality, as well as on-going maintenance and updates.
  • Upgrade to a more creative, user-friendly web browser interface in order to collect and deliver data in ways that are more compatible with user needs.
  • Simplify control over post-launch modification, with in-house updating that doesn’t require programming support.

Ask your NetReach representative to show you how we have already achieved this for others, and how we can address your unique needs.