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Save Time & Money on Custom Web Application Development & Software Development

Since 1998, NetReach custom software experience has provided a holistic approach to custom Web application development, Web portal development, Web 2.0 concepts, e-Commerce, and legacy application re-engineering—from initial strategic consulting to flexible maintenance, upgrade, and support opportunities.

Our NetReach custom web application development toolset is an ideal hybrid, combining the cost-efficiency of off-the-shelf software solutions with the technical empowerment of custom-code programming. Applications developed in our NetReach toolset harness the power and flexibility of a relational database to give you greater ability to structure, manipulate, manage, and leverage data. Yet they make it easy to present content in the familiar look of a user-friendly web interface, viewable in any web browser.

Thanks to our use of the popular Microsoft Web Platform and .NET application development as a foundation for our toolset, all NetReach-built applications are mobile-website-design-compatible, so they are accessible wherever users need them—via desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Discover how our business-savvy engineers, designers, and developers can use that toolset to help you:

  • Incorporate your custom web application within an existing website.
  • Build-in search and sorting intelligence for quicker user success.
  • Integrate your web application with data and functionality from custom internal or external software resources—e.g. Salesforce integration—to deliver new functionality.

Our roster of application development experience spans a wide range of functions and industries, including:

  • Knowledge management and dissemination systems
  • Sales and order management
  • Patient data management and reporting
  • Lead generation and CRM
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Data and document management
  • Help desk systems
  • Interactive learning/training and certification systems