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Reduce Risk with Legacy Application Modernization & Re-engineering

Escape the risky vicious cycle of patching and adapting technologically aging code, without the expense of generating all new custom code that can eventually lead you back into the same trap. Our NetReach toolset for custom web application development provides robust resources for re-engineering legacy applications into database applications that can be easily scaled and updated using secure, encrypted browser-based technology.

Whether you are currently using resources based on FoxPro, Access, Excel, Basic, Visual Basic, Dbase, Turbo Pascal, C++, ASP, or homegrown legacy programs, you’ll benefit from the ability to:

  • Eliminate the risk and expense of trying to maintain existing applications using outdated technologies.
  • Build upon your existing business experience.
  • Prototype and test quickly.
  • Streamline the process of full application development, including mobile website design and the ability to utilize data from other applications, such as Salesforce integration.
  • Save time and expense in both implementation and maintenance.
  • Retain the option to manage and upgrade your new application in-house, without need for custom programming or code maintenance.