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Optimize Performance Through Our Web Content Management System

Efficient web content management and user interface architecture involves far more than simply generating style sheets for page content display. The capabilities available through the relational database foundation of the NetReach toolset empower creative options and efficiencies in how you organize, manage, display, and update content:

  • Structure UI architecture and page content according to on user behavior, user interests, and browser or device capabilities/limitations. This includes managing content and formatting for responsive design and mobile applications.
  • Populate text and graphic properties from the dedicated website database, based on user-selected preferences.
  • Integrate data available through external databases or programs—such as Salesforce integration—into web page displays incorporating inventory on hand, custom search results, external lookup tables, and other content features.
  • Drive real-time on-screen calculations based on static or dynamic values.
  • Capture user data through form or survey inputs, in order to drive follow-up marketing or administrative activities.
  • Leverage transactional data to support external business applications—billing, inventory, replenishment, etc.
  • Maintain your freedom to update or expand your application—including content and database fields—with on-screen drag-and-drop editing capabilities.