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Harness the Advantages of the Industry-Accepted Microsoft Web Platform

Our NetReach custom web application development toolset is built on the widely adopted Microsoft® Web Platform—including the .NET Framework, Windows Server® web platform, robust SQL Server® database, and Visual Studio® Express. This overall web platform not only takes advantage of popular Microsoft solutions, but also allows for interoperability with other data sources, applications, systems, and programming languages.

Because it is designed to comply with web standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium, the NetReach toolset also supports numerous other current technologies—including jQuery, XML, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, JSON, MP3 audio, and more.

Added NetReach opportunities of .NET application development

The many timesaving features already included in the NetReach toolset are made practical by the .NET application framework that is part of the overall Microsoft Web Platform. These features include the ability to build and maintain complex relational database applications with a simple on-screen graphical interface. Anyone with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can do it. That capability makes it faster, easier, and more affordable for us to develop your initial solution, and for someone in your organization to make subsequent updates, if you choose to maintain it yourself.

.NET application development also simplifies our developers’ abilities to create new plug-ins to customize our NetReach toolset outside of the codebase. This opens up new possibilities for creative implementation of your web and web application solutions. Best of all, because all NetReach toolset features are data and user interface driven, you never need to worry about custom code compatibility or maintenance.